With a week to go before the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon, now is the perfect time to start raising money to donate.

While most people will stop by the Billboard in the Target/Lowes/PetCo parking lot on Hooper Avenue in Toms River and take a few bucks out of their wallet, there are ways you can raise some funds in advance.

- Work

Walk around the office asking your coworkers for a couple bucks, or even leave a jar or box or envelope in the lunchroom at work with a small note explaining what you're raising money for.

- School

Have your kid (or grandkid) go to school and tell their teachers about Ocean of Love. Every year we talk about "kids helping kids", and it's always an incredible example of generosity to see kids come together for this. We have schools that hold Penny Wars, schools that let the class who donates the most choose the Principal's Halloween costume, and other schools that send home notes to parents and just bring in big donations.

- Home

Pack yourself lunch instead of eating out. Buy a medium coffee instead of a large. Dig the loose change out of your couch, your pockets, your car's ashtray.

- Online

Share this info with your friends! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, whatever you can do to spread the word.

We'd love to start Monday evening with a bang and a big total - help us out in whatever way you can!

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