Andy Chase and the Hawk Flight Crew were up early this morning, joining the annual Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break-ins.

Each year, nominations are made for a local family, who for whatever reason, needs some helping to brighten up their holiday season. With the help of the nominator (our accomplice) The Hawk gets into the nominated family's home and leaves behind some much needed Christmas cheer. No notes are left. The family is never told that it was 105.7 The Hawk and the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show and we never divulge their names or addresses to the public.

This year, as the Jersey Shore still reels from the damage wrought by Superstorm Sandy, the Holiday Break-ins took on an even deeper meaning. The station was flooded with extremely worthy nominations, but one story touched our hearts in a very profound way.

A local family, husband, wife and two daughters ages 8 and 3, were on the third floor of

105.7 The Hawk
105.7 The Hawk

their home as the worst of Sandy's brutal onslaught beared down. When a boat crashed through their home, the father (who was already sick with a flu) went into the flood waters to make sure the home was safe for the family. They were rescued the next day. Several days later he was admitted to the hospital and shortly after, he died.

Hear Andy Chase tell their story on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show:

This year's Holiday Break-in would not have been possible without the support of Toys for Thought in Lakewood - Their toys work on brain cells, not batteries - and Tri-County Agency of Brick - “Asbury Park Press Readers Choice for Best Insurance Agency” on Route 88 East in Brick – they are here to help you get your lives and businesses back together.

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