The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show have formed a 501c3 charity called "Idiots for Underdogs" for anyone that is in need.

If you are a regular listener to the show, you know they use the word "idiot" as a term of endearment to you the listener, and they affectionately call themselves "idiots" on a daily basis.

So they have set up "Idiots for Underdogs" to help families out not just during the Free Beer and Hot Wings "Holiday Break-In", but all year long.

According to the Free Beer and Hot Wings website:

Idiots for Underdogs is a 501c3 charity established by The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show as a way to help people in a variety of situations who may not otherwise receive the assistance they need from other charities with narrower parameters or targets. Idiots for Underdogs is not limited to any particular incident or event or specific age, race, gender, or other demographic, but rather simply exists to help those we can with the resources we have. Those resources may come from a variety of places, but mostly from a big ol’ chunk of the proceeds we get from Fancy Idiots memberships, the merchandise we sell, and maybe even some from donations.

Here's how YOU can get involved:

  1. Become a Fancy Idiot! The primary funding source of Idiots for Underdogs is from Fancy Idiot subscriptions.
  2. Donate! You can donate directly to Idiots for Underdogs by clicking here. And because it is a 501c3 charity, donations qualify as deductible contributions on your taxes.
  3. Buy some coffee, bro! We've teamed up with Nashville Roast Coffee Company to make FBHW Roasted Bro Coffee. A portion of the sales from each bag sold will be donated to Idiots for Underdogs!

They talked about "Idiots for Underdogs" on the show this week. Check it out

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