We got a new Hawk Hero! Every month on 105.7 The Hawk, we highlight a local Jersey Shore or New Jersey hero. Thanks to our friends at Sonny’s Recycling we pick one winner, share their story online and award them a $100 Visa cash card.

Our recent Hawk Heroes were Maryanna Fasy from Little Egg Harbor. Maryanna is the chef at the George J. Mitchell Elementary School. It takes a special person to feed hundreds of kids on a daily basis. Her patience, selflessness, and dedication are unmatched.

In addition, a father-daughter duo from Vineland was recently awarded. Miguel and Illiana Figuero are wonderful people who inspire millions with autism and special needs! They have a successful YouTube channel called ToyQuest101, which is dedicated to statue & toy reviews, commentary & celebrity guest interviews, but more importantly, it empowers children to accomplish their goals. Want to nominate a local hero? Keep scrolling...

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There's a new Hawk Hero from Ocean County! Stacy Long is from Tuckerton and thanks to Keith Samuels, here's her story:

Stacy and her husband Allen have done so much for so many people raising funds to help others. As just one of the many, many examples of her and her families selflessness, when families found themselves displaced from the fire in Royal Timbers this past summer she helped raise money for them to get clothes, food, a phone, toys for the children, a place to stay and so on. She does a lot with food drives, toy drives, as well as raising funds and makes it fun with contests and social media posts to raise awareness. All while running a business and taking care of her family at home and elsewhere as well as always being there to lend an ear, or a hand, to help a fellow neighbor or anyone at all. For these reasons, she and her family are a blessing as well as well deserving of recognition as one of Hawks Heroes and a Tuckerton local hero as well.

See Stacy and her husband, Allen below:

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'Thank You' to Stacy and her family for everything they do around the community. Your dedication and good heart are the reason you are a Hawk Hero!

We need more people like Stacy throughout the world!

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