I read the first paragraph of the story, and my jaw dropped.

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Then I read even farther, and my jaw would drop even lower.

By the end of it all, my jaw was basically on the floor of the studio.

Let me preface this piece with a question for you to think about:

How would you react if a New Jersey restaurant treated you this way?

Let's get to it.

It all starts with a man named Joe Stephen from Montclair. He ordered dinner from Get Stuffed Jersey in Union via Uber Eats.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to NJ.com, after waiting over 45 minutes, the food had still not arrived so he decided to reach out to the restaurant.

THAT is where the problem started, believe it or not.

Joe texted the restaurant and the owner, Sandy Wallace, sent a beyond nasty and attitude-filled response.

Some of the most jaw-dropping messages include:

"Would you like somebody to jump in a helicopter for you?" -Pshhh, I wish you would!

"It's rush hour and pouring outside and your ordered from union - don't be a douche bag." -Name calling? Really?

"We're doing fine Karen - literally the only person that would complain during a flood  event." - Karen? KAREN?! Oh, it's on now.

This message was written in response to a sarcastic text message from Joe saying he'd leave a "rave review."

Ron Chapple Stock

"I hope so.  We love when men write bad reviews. We feature them all over our social media. Short man, small penis syndrome." -Wow. Fighting words.

But this message was the worst of all:

“We’ll be as unprofessional as you expect and include your address phone number and most importantly the fact that you were furious that a driver didn’t speed through flood water during rush hour." -Ummmmm, in what way is this a solution?

You can take a look at the screenshots above to confirm this but Joe's responses were not rude and in no way were these messages from Sandy warranted in my opinion.

Believe it or not, this is not where the story ends.

When Joe posted these screenshots online, it went viral.

Jeff Metzger - ThinkStock
Jeff Metzger - ThinkStock

In response, Get Stuffed followed through on their threat and posted Joe's phone number and personal address. He has been receiving threatening messages ever since.

But Joe did make a grave mistake.

When posted the screenshots, he accidentally included the driver's phone number who has also been receiving threatening messages thanks to this crazy ordeal.


I. Am. Speechless.

Here is what Sandy Wallace said to NJ Advance Media according to NJ.com:

“To be honest, we care more about the safety of a hard working driver than the feelings of an impatient customer that orders from a restaurant 15 miles away during a rainy rush hour. The customer, in this case, posted his public rant all over social media and he revealed the driver’s name and cell phone number. The innocent driver received hateful messages. From what we understand, the driver has yet to receive an apology.”

She doesn't even seem remorseful. If he was rude, maybe I would understand? But he was just asking about the whereabouts of his food.

Sandy also claims that Get Stuffed has issued Joe an apology. He claims that this is not true.


But wait, there is still more. This is probably one of the most distasteful parts of the story.

Since this entire debacle has gone down, Get Stuffed is now offering "helicopter pizza" which is clearly a joke "poking fun" at Sandy's helicopter comment she sent to Joe.

So now you are trying to make money off of your disrespect? I can't be reading this right.

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash
Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

I get we are from New Jersey and I, myself joke daily on our levels of daily sass and attitude.

You want to know where that line should be drawn? When that attitude crosses over into the area of disrespect.

Sandy went below the belt numerous times during this conversation.

I had a boss like this while serving before being hired at 94.3 The Point who operated in a very similar fashion.


I am going to say exactly what I told her: Being busy or stressed is not an excuse to treat people like sh*t. Everyone has their own battles and stressors.

And guess what? If you are kind and respectful, people will be 10X more empathetic.

"I am so sorry you are still waiting. We are absolutely swamped and the flood is making things 10X more difficult."

I bet Joe would have just been thankful for the update.

anxious scared girl looking at phone seeing bad news
Getty Images/iStockphoto

But with this attitude? I don't feel sorry one bit.

I would like to think I would keep my cool if I was in Joe's place. But then again, if I am waiting more than an hour for my food and then this discussion goes down, it would be a toss up because I am a fiery spit ball when I'm hangry.

"Woosahhhh....There's no wine in jail...There's no wine in jail...."

Your response to this  situation would be...???

PLEASE email me: Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

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