New Jersey has a pretty great bar scene.

Whether you like something a little on the quieter side where you can enjoy a couple of beers and listen to some music or you want the pumped-up nightlife of the Jersey Shore, you have plenty of options in Jersey.

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What's really cool though are all of the more 'hidden' places to grab a cold one that are a little more off the beaten path and are an experience in addition to a great place for a drink.

For example, Jersey is home to some very neat speakeasies like the Laundromat Speakeasy in Montclair.

You enter through a laundromat and end up in a very unique speakeasy. 

Another must-visit speakeasy in Jersey is one of the oldest in the state.

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Visit This Classic Speakeasy For An Unforgettable Experience.

Located at 17 Ward Lane, this unsuspecting house is actually one of the coolest little Speakeasy bars in New Jersey.

Only In Your State says the bar has been open and serving the good stuff since prohibition, so it's about as authentic as you can possibly get!

You'll feel like you've stepped back in time when you have an old-fashioned cocktail and unwind with some friends.

Murphys Tavern is more than just a cool place to grab a drink by the way offering a ton of great food.

From homemade pizza to Pork Roll fries or Disco fries you'll want to become a regular at this watering hole immediately.

By the way, alcohol may not be illegal in Jersey anymore but there are still some things you can't bring in the state.

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