One of my favorite parts about living at the Jersey Shore is access to some solid seafood options. There are plenty of great restaurants, plus lots of smaller markets that specialize in fish and shellfish and crustaceans.

While places like Maine and Massachusetts and the rest of New England tend to get the mentions when it comes to lobster rolls, a local eatery laid claim to a spot on the Top 25 Best Lobster Rolls In America, according to Buzzfeed and Yelp.

Coming in at #12, it's Point Lobster Company in Point Pleasant Beach!

Here's what Buzzfeed/Yelp says:

Purists will love this simple lobster roll: huge chunks of rich lobster meat drizzled with hot butter and stuffed in a potato bun.

I'm not the biggest fan of lobster rolls in the world, but the way Point Lobster Company serves up their roll is the way I like it - plain and simple. Just gimme some lobster and some butter, I don't need spicy mayo or sriracha or avocado or whatever else other restaurants want to throw on there.

Point Lobster Company opened up for outdoor dining this past Monday, June 15th.

My coworker pointed out that you can also get their lobster rolls at Point Lobster Bar & Grill in downtown Point Pleasant Beach. Point Lobster Bar & Grill set up a tent for outdoor dining on Richmond Avenue. They will be open Wednesdays through Sundays from Noon til 10pm by reservation only with a 2-hour limit per table and a max of 8 at a table.

A couple other local-ish spots made that Buzzfeed/Yelp list, with Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn coming at 16, Burger & Lobster in NYC at 15, and Luke's Lobster Rittenhouse in Philadelphia at 14.

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