For the first time in the history of mankind, a telemarketer did something good, not evil.

A telemarketer from Americare Health and Nutrition in Las Vegas was making calls last Wednesday night, and called a woman in Linn County, Ore.

The woman answered, but didn't say hello. She just whimpered.

Then, the telemarketer heard noises that sounded like an attack. So, she called her boss over and they realized the woman might be in trouble.

They they called police in Linn County, shared what they heard and provided the woman's address.

When the cops got there, they heard the woman screaming, busted in and found a 33-year-old man holding her with a gun. Fortunately, the man surrendered without any problems and was arrested for assault, KLAS-TV reported.

It turns out he had allegedly attacked the woman, shoved the gun into her chest and threatened to kill her.

The police said the telemarketers most likely saved the woman's life.

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