Our new-ish studios are known for being a bit more...let's say "woodsy" than our old location. A few of us have already mentioned our interactions with nature, but last night I had my first brush with a wild animal.

Heading home after my show last night, northbound on Route 9 in Bayville, I damn near ran over a fox! I didn't realize it at first, I don't think I've ever seen a fox in the wild before. Small, sleek, sort of reddish-brown (although it was dark). Scampered his way right across the road back into the woods.

And really, I wasn't even that close to hitting it, so nature-lovers don't have to worry. No need to slam on my brakes or swerve, the lil fella was fine.


And now, a wonderful way to transition into a sick live Jimi Hendrix performance, dig it.




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