Gordon Ramsay "White Rooster" Episode to Air in January
A few months ago, everybody was talking about Gordon Ramsay being in town filming his television show, "24 Hours To Hell And Back" at the White Rooster restaurant on Fischer Blvd in Toms River.
If you have been wondering when the episode will air, I have the answer for you...
'Simpsons' Star Harry Shearer Tweets Leaving the Series
The Simpsons has gone on long enough that fans will inevitably face cast departure or a potential end to the series, but despite the recent renewal for Seasons 27 and 28, that end may already be in sight. Iconic Simpsons mainstay Harry Shearer appears to have revealed his exit from the long-running …
Adam Lambert to Join Queen For Their North American Tour
You're probably asking yourself, "Who the hell is Adam Lambert"?

Adam Lambert become a huge star on the eighth season of the Fox TV Show "American Idol" finishing in 2nd place to winner Kris Allen.

Once Lambert got some national exposure, and heard his voice, It didn'…
“Fox” News
Our new-ish studios are known for being a bit more...let's say "woodsy" than our old location. A few of us have already mentioned our interactions with nature, but last night I had my first brush with a wild animal.