Jesse Watters, Host of "Primetime" (Weekdays at 8 pm) on Fox News has a new book that just came out "Get It Together" and he is going out on a book tour to introduce the new writing. Jesse begins this weekend right here in the Garden State.


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2022 FOX Nation Patriot Awards
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Jesse Watters will appear at Books & Greetings in Northvale, New Jersey this Saturday. March 23rd at Noon. CLICK HERE for ticket information. Books & Greetings is located at 271 Livingston Street in Northvale. For more information Call (201) 784 - 2665.


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"Get It Together" is the follow-up book to Watters first book "How I Saved The World". According to Target, "In Get It Together, the number one New York Times bestselling author and Fox News primetime host takes on Wokeism in a way no one else has. Through a series of (sometimes very) personal interviews with some of the most radical activists in the country, Watters discovers that these activists may be overlooking the most important change they need to make—within themselves."



2023 FOX Nation Patriot Awards - Show
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If you are a Fox News fan you may wanna check out Jesse Watters this weekend in Bergen County, tickets are going fast. Jesse first began his work at Fox with Bill O'Reilly before becoming part of "The Five", which he still is part of and now his show "Primetime" at 8 on Fox. Let us know if you read Jesse's first or second book and what you thought, give us your review.


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