A Starbucks barista is being sued by a woman because the barista refused the woman service for not wearing a mask, and people donated $100,000 to him. The woman in question wants half of that money.

This all started when the woman in question, Amber Guiles, tried to walk into a San Diego Starbucks sans mask to get her morning frappaccino. A barista that was working there at the time, Lenin Gutierrez, told Ms. Guiles that she could not be in the restaurant without a mask on.

Fox 4 reports that Guiles was so mad about the interaction, that she snapped a photo of Lenin and posted it to social media saying, "Meet lenen from Starbucks who refused to serve me cause I’m not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption.”

So, a random stranger on the internet decided that Lenin should be applauded for doing his work, and rewarded for calmly dealing with someone who, let's face it, was being irrational.

A GoFundMe was started for Lenin and quickly raised over $100,000.

WELL, in a move that surprises absolutely no one, Amber Guiles says that half of that money should be hers because no one would even know about Lenin if she hadn't posted that photo. She told Fox 4 that Lenin shouldn't be rewarded for "discrimination".

Oh, but wait... it gets even better. When asked how she was being discriminated against, Guiles told Fox 4 that she has medical symptoms that prevent her from wearing a mask including shortness of breath, dizziness, and something that she called "mask acne".

But wait... there's more! She also handed the news outlet some medical documents to prove her claims. Fox 4 reports that one of the forms was from a pelvic exam that Guiles had in 2017 that states that she has a fibroid and an ovarian cyst (not sure what those have to do with your breathing there, Amber...), and the other was a handwritten note from a chiropractor.

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