I don’t know if I’m ready for New Jersey to unmask. 

Hear me out, it's not for the reason you are thinking.  Obviously the whole "mask thing" is relatively new for the everyday person.  Two years. That’s it. Somehow, it became highly politicized to even talk about a mask. Still funny if you think about it.

Yesterday when I ran out to lunch, I did not expect to have this one thing bother me. 

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Let’s be clear, over two years ago, this would have never crossed my mind.  With that being said, I can’t believe this layer of protection was never discussed prior to a global pandemic.  


During the pandemic, we all realized one thing.  We carry some germs with us.  We're also a little dirty.  We had to set reminders on our phones for the proper length of time to wash our hands, let that sink in for a minute. Not only that people, straight up, don’t wash their hands. 

On top of all of that, there are plenty of people who are sick, coughing in front of others, going into work, can absolutely spread a cold or the flu, or the new Covid-19 as of two years ago.

So, yes the last two years were eye-opening.

Here's what bothered me.  

When I was ordering my food, being helped by a maskless staff member, thoughts started swirling into my head.

Listen, I'm 100% fine with people not wearing masks.  I am one of them, I couldn't tell you where the closest mask is at my house.

You get my point, I'm OK with the foodservice member not wearing a mask until this person started talking to me. 

I started thinking, whatever this person is saying, is most likely spraying into my food.  I know, now you are thinking about that.  

It is kind of gross, right?

There's a reason why people wear gloves when handling food.  Some even wear hairnets or hats.

Why wouldn't we continue to have food service workers wear a mask?  Not for the fight against a disease, but not getting their spit in your food?

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