It's said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It’s also said that old habits die hard. In other words, it’s very hard to unlearn something that you have been taught for years.

For instance, a high-fat diet is not healthy. Wrong! New trick, eat that fat!

Adding salt to your diet can raise your blood pressure. Wrong again! Let that old habit die and salt your food and your water.

Unlearn, adjust and trust in the new Keto lifestyle.

3 months before I started the “Keto lifestyle” my fasting glucose was 110, I was in the pre-diabetic category. My total cholesterol was 210 with an LDL (bad cholesterol) of 130. My triglycerides were 100.

I had my blood drawn on the 18th and the results are amazing. My fasting glucose is down to 80, which knocks me out of the diabetic worry zone. My cholesterol has dropped down to 170 with my LDL fell to 115. Still a little high but my good cholesterol is up and my triglycerides are now 79. All exceptional and acceptable numbers.

Yes, I do have a cardiologist because I have had blood pressure issues since I was 20. Today I saw him and he told me that I am doing everything right and by the way? Start cutting your meds in half. Yes B.P. was 116/65 resting pulse was 68.

I’m liking this new lifestyle!

Until next time,

Rock on party people.

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