Twenty five years ago we all figured that the year 2000 would bring a world similar to The Jetsons, only with cell phones. Seriously, the creators of the show thought of almost everything OTHER then those. Almost 12 years later we still haven't gotten to the level I think we need to be. Google is one company that is trying to push things where they need to be. They have been granted a patent for a driver-less car. This is an example of something that scientists should have been working on since the car originally came out. Instead of worrying about if fast food is bad for us (it is, move on) they should be focused on stuff like this. Google has been testing the cars for a while now and this is a giant step to getting the car on the road.

We all complain about the driver next to us and this would eliminate that problem completely. We wouldn't have to worry about young drivers being all over the road. We also wouldn't have to worry about drunk drivers. The drunk person could just sit in the car and allow it to take them home safely. The biggest plus of course is elderly drivers could keep their "independence" and at the same time not crush buildings with their cars. I think people's home owners insurance would go down instantly if you eliminate that threat. Traffic would be cut down and I believe safety would increase not decrease.

This is truly tremendous. Now we could not only talk on our cell phones in our cars but we could watch sports and television. We would never have to miss a minute of anything while commuting. This is would force all cars to have internet built in so that we could browse the web. Businesses would be more profitable because workers could get stuff done on their way to work and on their way home. People would be less stressed in traffic if they could just take a nap after a long day. Computers aren't perfect, but people are far worse. I saw an eight car accident earlier today, no way that happens if a computer was driving each of the cars. Plus, people could take the wheel in case of an emergency and control the car if need be. I just don't see a downside to this. Would you buy a driver-less car if they became available?

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