Deja Vu? More housing construction in Lakewood. It seems like a question I have asked you at home a lot lately. Lake wood is definitely in a housing boom with many new townhouses, apartments and condos being built in Lakewood.


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Most of the new housing projects are located in Lakewood on Route 9 and Route 70. This latest project, being done by Imperial Real Estate Agency, is on Route 70 in Lakewood near Route 9 and Locust Street. I tried doing some searching but didn’t come up with floorplans and options for these units, but it looks like a good amount of new units.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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The question I have is this the beginning of housing projects along 70 or will more come? There is an accompanying article I wrote today about this area and a brand new project just clearing land, is this additional housing?


Will the former flea market location along Route 70 in Lakewood, on the west bound side, also become housing in the area too? There is a lot of possible potential for many new residents to Lakewood. Lake wood already is the most populated town in Ocean County, so the increases will push that population number higher. Lakewood surpasses Toms River and Brick as the most populus town in the County.

TOP 5 Most Populated Towns in Ocean County:

  1. Lakewood
  2. Toms River
  3. Brick Township
  4. Jackson Township
  5. Manchester Township



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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