I personally think that the Coast Guard does not get the true credit that they deserve.

When the Coast Guard is needed, it's usually because some real serious stuff is going down.

Whether it be searching for a swimmer in distress, or attempting to rescue boaters in the most awful conditions, the men and women of the United States Coast Guard are as brave as they come

This week, the Coast Guard got a distress call from a burning fishing vessel approximately thirty-five miles off the Barnegat Inlet.

When the Coast Guard arrived, the 55-foot fishing vessel was fully engulfed in flames, and the men aboard the boat were wearing their life vests and were safely in their lifeboat.

According to NJ.com:

“Today’s case was a perfect example of a unified effort between prepared boaters, the sector, small boats and the air station,” Lt. j.g. Matt Devlin, a Dolphin helicopter pilot at Air Station Atlantic City, said. “We are happy that the mariners realized they were in distress and we were able to be there quickly. Ultimately their preparedness led to our success.”

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Andy Chase
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