Joe Valerie of Lavalette shared some incredible weather footage from late last week to Facebook:

And here's part 2:

So, I am no meteorologist, I'm no weather is that a straight up tornado, or is it a "waterspout"? Based on what I'm reading from Wiki, a "waterspout" basically is a tornado, just over water rather than land.

Regardless of what it is technically called, it's pretty damn scary-looking, and not the sort of thing that I would casually ignore and continue swimming in the lagoon.

Joe Valerie remained pretty calm, all things considered. I don't think I would have even been yelling at those people to get out of the water, because as soon as I saw that thing bearing down on my house, I would have been out the door or in the basement or whatever the hell you're supposed to do when a tornado is coming.

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