Bay and Bandit are two Ospreys that live in a nest on a pole next to the Interpretive Center at Island Beach State Park. And THEY'RE EXPECTING!!!

They just laid 3 eggs, and you can now watch mom and dad protect them, and if you want, wait for them to hatch as well (it takes approx 40 days or so)

Bay and Bandit take turns keeping the eggs dry and warm.

I have to be honest, even though nothing really goes on, it's kind of cool watching the cam. Watch the Osprey Cam here

According to Chesapeakebay,

Females lay three eggs between mid-April and late May, which are speckled with beige and brown spots. Incubation lasts for 38 to 42 days. Eggs do not hatch at the same time. The first chick may hatch as many as five days before the last one, and the oldest chick often dominates over the younger nestlings

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