Have you noticed the construction that has been going on at the Toms River ShopRite on Route 37?

Well I can tell you thanks to officials from Wakefern and Saker ShopRite (the owners of this particular store) what is happening.

They are working on expanding the store's health and wellness offerings by creating a nutrition center.

This will be located on the east side of the building, the opposite side of the Parkway.

The new center will include a “nutrition associate” who will be able to answer your health & wellness questions.

Just think of all of the health and wellness items that will be located in this one section of ShopRite. No more crisscrossing the store searching for items.

There will also have a second entrance for customer convenience, as well as an expanded parking lot.

Besides the nutrition center, ShopRite is also going to be adding a specialty cheese shop as well as some modifications to other departments.

When can we expect to see these changes? They are hoping to be done with the build out sometime this summer.

The Sakers, Wakefern and ShopRite want to “thank our customers for their patience. We look forward to offering these new specialty departments to our customers.”

I’m excited!

Until next time,

Rock on party people.


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