Rutger Hauer was a goddamn badass. He looked intimidating, his voice was intimidating, and he left a mark on cinema that will not be forgotten. Appearing in nearly 150 films, many of which I admittedly haven't seen, he gave us one of film's greatest moments with his death scene in Blade Runner.

Rutger Hauer passed away July 19th, after a short illness.

Here are my five favorite films he appeared in.

5 - Batman Begins

I remember seeing Batman Begins in the theater, unaware that Hauer was in it, and being super-excited when he came on the screen for the first time. It wasn't a large role, but he played it perfectly.

4 - Sin City

That voice...that voice. It's actually something of a nod to his "Blade Runner" role, a defiant speech even in his last moments.

3 - Hobo with a Shotgun

86 minutes of pure WTF insanity, violence, and gore...all a nod to 70s exploitation flicks.

2 - The Hitcher

I first watched this movie as part of a film studies class in college. There are certain moments that I am stunned they got away with in the mid-80s. It's awesome.

1 - Blade Runner

Could there be any other choice? Time to die. RIP Rutger.





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