There are plenty of great "summer" movies, and it's hard to narrow down to just a Top 5.

5 - Independence Day

As we turn the calendar to September and Labor Day, it's a great time to skip back a couple months to the Fourth of July!

4 - Adventureland

Despite being filled with actors you know, this movie has never really climbed above cult status. We all worked crap summer jobs at some point, and this is a great dramedy about that time of our lives.

3 - Caddyshack

Who didn't want to be a caddy after the first time they saw this?

2 - Wet Hot American Summer

Every once in a while I'll make a reference to this movie, and the person I'm talking to has no idea what it is, and I feel it's my duty as a movie lover to indoctrinate them into the world of Camp Firewood.

1 - Jaws

Did I watch Jaws about 50 times this summer? YES. Will I watch it every time it's on TV? HELL YES.

Did I miss your favorite summer movie? Let me know!



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