Here's a couple ideas for some Earth Day activities.

1. Plant Something. So simple, yet cliché but also so important to help maintain the health of Earth's environment. Trees provide oxygen, shade and absorb odors and pollutant gases by trapping them in their leaves and bark.  You could even plant a vegetable or some herbs and be on your way to becoming just a little more self sufficient.

2. Get a Reusable water bottle.  Did you know it take 1000 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade? Getting a BPA Free Plastic or Stainless Steel bottle to use each day instead of multiple disposable plastic bottles will help reduce waste and will save you money.

3. Recycle.  If you don't already recycle, its time to start.  So much of what we use each day, can be re-purposed or recycled. Fun Fact: Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for 3 hours!

4. Clean up! Join a beach clean up, or just pick up trash around your neighborhood.  You'll feel good about it and it's nice to not have to see trash along the side of the road. You're neighbors and Planet Earth will certainly appreciate it too!

5. Get outside.  Go for a hike, a bike ride or head to the beach and just appreciate the beauty of Earth.

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