There's nothing quite as magical as the Carousel on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

With its classic carved horses, one-of-a-kind Wurlitzer Organ that plays music while you ride, and of course, the rush of nostalgia you get when you see it in all its glory in the brand new Carousel House on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

The only thing that's missing is an actual opening date.

When Will The Seaside Heights, NJ Carousel Open?

My wife and I have been watching the work on the Seaside Heights Carousel since we moved to the island 2 years ago.

We remember watching the day they brought in all the horses and got them set up on the Carousel.

Seaside Heights Carousel House
Photo Credit: Buehler

We remember hearing how it would open in the Summer of 2023, and then the Spring of 2024 and yet here we are and there's still no opening day.

A Lot Of Work Has Been Going On Behind The Scenes Of The Carousel House

It's not just as simple as opening the doors and saying "Alright, we're open for business!"

The horses had to be installed, inspections had to be scheduled, permits had to be gotten, and safety precautions had to be taken while restoring the historic carousel.

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In addition, workers had to be trained on how to operate the Seaside Heights Carousel, so the timeline has been a moving target for the last couple of years.

The Seaside Heights Carousel Has Announced It Wants To Open This Summer

The third time's the charm right?

According to Shore Beat, the latest estimation for a grand opening will be the Summer of 2024, so still nothing set in stone but I can only hope I get to take my niece on the Carousel when she comes to visit this summer.

The township is still waiting on a few permits, and a multi-day celebration is in the works for when the Carousel House finally opens.

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