The Food Network has lots of lists of the "Best" whatever in the USA. Different restaurants, different styles of food, and sometimes they get very specific. The new list focuses on the Top 10 'Shaved Ice Desserts' in the country. Shaved ice (as far as I know) is a bit different from Italian Ice, but either way, a spot in Asbury Park made the Top 10!

Food Network give praise to the Watermelon Shave Ice at Betty's Ice Box, saying

There’s nothing like a cool treat while you're strolling the boardwalk, which makes Betty’s the perfect stop for shaved ice, ice cream and popsicles. A favorite is the brightly hued watermelon shaved ice dessert, which is served in a half of a small watermelon. The shaved ice lies on top of some vanilla soft serve and chunks of fresh watermelon, and is dotted with mini chocolate chips to make it look like the real thing (and make for an Instagrammable moment!).


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