Heading to Asbury Park this summer? Maybe hitting the Stone Pony or Convention Hall for a concert, or just spending a day at the beach? Make sure you don't wear your bathing suit on the boardwalk!

In a scene reminiscent of an episode of The Simpsons, apparently a long-forgotten ordinance in Asbury Park prohibits the wearing of bathing suits while on the boardwalk.

During a town council meeting, recently-elected chairperson of the city’s Republican party Louise Murray voiced her desire to start enforcing the ordinance.

“I don’t want to go back to 1940 or 1950 but the bottom line is you have on your books an ordinance — 'no person clad in bathing attire shall be on the boardwalk or public walks adjacent thereto' ...

“Asbury Park was known for being the classiest boardwalk in the summertime. You never went down there unless you were dressed.”

“I’ll be darned if I want to be standing at a bar and have somebody slither up in a Speedo or bikini that shouldn’t be in a bathing suit...It’s disgraceful...I implore you to enforce this, but do not amend it.”

Could Louise Murray sound any more like a cranky old bat? "Back in MY day..."

I understand that not everyone has the body to pull off a Speedo or a bikini, but who is Louise Murray to tell them how to dress?  Maybe she wants everyone to look like this:


What do you think about this? Will this make you not visit Asbury Park? Leave your comments below!

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