A little while ago I told you about the new plans to roll back Net Neutrality.

My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of posts warning about what could happen, and I'm sure yours look the same. Plenty of websites are explaining exactly why we need Net Neutrality, I've seen all sorts of images and memes trying to simplify it as well - but the important thing is to make your voice heard, and hopefully the officials we have elected to represent us will listen.

The ACLU has a simple webform you can fill out. You can also call your Congressman with sites like this that will actually make the call for you, and provide you a small script so you know exactly what to say.

My favorite option? RESIST BOT.

It's super easy, convenient, and effective.

Just text "resist" to 50409. The automated bot will respond (although lately it might give you a message that it's too busy, because of the high usage). It will ask for your name and address so that it will know where to route your message - in our case, House Representative Christopher Smith, and Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez.

Then, it just asks what you'd like to tell them. Here's a quick simple thing that you can cut & paste (just change your info, obviously):

"Hello. I am ___ from ___, and I want Christopher Smith, Cory Booker, and Robert Menendez to support the Open Internet Order and protect Net Neutrality. Thank you."

Add anything else, explain to them how a free and open internet is important to everyone, make it personal, whatvever else you'd like to include. Just be polite and stress the message of keeping Net Neutrality.

Just like that, Resist Bot will deliver that message to your chosen representative. I've already gotten email responses from Senator Menendez (a form response, but it's at least confirmation that my message was sent).

We don't all have time to call Congress, but we all have our phones on us all the time. It takes just a few seconds out of your day, and if enough of us do it, maybe we can actually influence a change!


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