We've been telling you just how important Net Neutrality is. We also gave you an easy, quick, effective way to contact our local representatives to urge them to support Net Neutrality.

Now, many websites are standing together to "break" the internet to show users what the feature could look like if the FCC continues the plan to roll back Net Neutrality.

Websites like Reddit, Imgur, Pinterest, Etsy, Mozilla (and even PornHub) are making efforts to illustrate what could happen if Net Neutrality is repealed.

You can join in the protests thanks to Battle For The Net. They have ways to make your voice heard via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or even your own personal website.


It really seems like this repeal is inevitable...but for the few seconds it takes you to update your status or your profile picture, or to get in touch with our elected officials, it's worth a shot.

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