I've been urging you to contact our representatives to support Net Neutrality. Free Beer & Hot Wings know how important it is. Most polls show that both Democrats and Republicans alike believe Net Neutrality should remain in place, and only one NJ politician officially gave their support to the FCC's plan to roll back Net Neutrality.

I spent some time using Resist Bot, contacting Senator Bob Menendez, Senator Cory Booker, and Representative Chris Smith. Letters were sent to each of them, and at first I just got a few responses basically saying "your message was received" without any real depth.

However, yesterday I did get a longer, more-detailed email from Senator Menendez.

bob menendez

Sure, it's still a form letter with my name inserted - but at least it's something! It's also nice to get an official statement that Senator Menendez believes in Net Neutrality.

This is another reminder that the fight isn't over. The FCC made the vote, but there is still the chance for our elected officials to overrule. Keep contacting, keep fighting, keep resisting.

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