You may want to sit down before you read this shocking news: American Dream has pushed back the Grand Opening date. Again.

Last time we checked in, they were eyeing an August 2019 opening (before that it was June 2019...before that it was April 2019...before that March 2019...before that, summer 2017...before that, early 2017).

And guess what? Even with a vague "fall" opening scheduled, developers are saying some retailers won’t open until the 2019 holiday season or early 2020. This blows my mind, because I feel like the retailers should be the first ones ready to go; I assumed all the extraneous junk like ski jumps and roller coasters and aquariums would be causing the delays.

Even as the Grand Opening gets pushed further and further, more features of the American Dream are being announced. They include:

  • Six unique atriums flooded with natural light - one will have a sprawling garden with bird-filled aviaries and rabbit fields
  • "Instagram moments" everywhere
  • "Albero dei Sogni", a tree-like sculpture comprised of over 75,000 LED lights and 25,000 leaves that will perform to music several times a day
  • A 60-foot fashion fountain that can be turned into a catwalk
  • Art from local emerging and world-class renowned artists

What the hell is even that?

Birds and bunnies and a performing tree and a fashion fountain? I get that everything is catering to the Instagram culture, and doing things for the sake of social media...but is this a shopping center or Fyre Festival?

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