I understand the gesture made by AMC Theatres. It seems like literally every company I ever did business with somehow has my email and is letting me know what they're doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

One of the emails I got was from AMC Theatres, and while I appreciate the gesture, it feels like they're not doing what they should.

Here's the plan they outlined in their email:

    •  To give you more empty space around you within our theatres, we are capping ticket availability to 50% of the normal seating capacity for every showtime in every auditorium at all AMC theatres nationwide. Once we hit 50% of an auditorium’s capacity, movie screenings will show as being Sold Out, even though by definition there will be a large number of unfilled seats. This will begin Saturday, March 14, and for now, will continue until April 30.
    •  For those AMC auditoriums with more than 500 seats, we will further reduce bookings to a maximum of 250 people in any case.
    •  And, it goes without saying that AMC is actively complying with all current and future federal, state and local authorities’ directives on social gathering.
    •  AMC theatre teams are following AMC’s stringent health and safety cleaning protocols, which include that every auditorium is thoroughly cleaned between each and every showtime.
    •  In addition, AMC has instituted enhanced cleaning protocols, which ensure that at least once per hour within an AMC building, the theatre team is cleaning high-touch point areas, including: kiosks, counter tops, restroom areas, glass, handrails and doorknobs.
    •  AMC has mandated that any theatre associate who feels ill is excused from work and should not come to the theatre.
    •  We urge all potential guests to stay at home and seek medical assistance if they are not feeling well.

I don't know man, that all just seems kind of pointless when the more obvious solution (IMO) is to just shut down. And listen, I totally understand the economic impact it would have on employees, I get that people can't just not work for two weeks...but people shouldn't be going out in the first place, people shouldn't be catching a flick to pass the time, people shouldn't be in heavily-trafficked public spaces. A quick scan through the comments on AMC's official Facebook page show I'm not the only one who thinks they should close.

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