This high traffic property is located on the corner of Bay Avenue (Rt. 571) and Fischer Boulevard in Toms River and currently, it stands vacant.

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This property used to be home to 7-11 but recent downsizing left this 7-11 closed and now we have another prime piece of real estate sitting empty.

Shawn Michaels


So now the question we bring to you is …. What is next? What can we see at this property that is a good fit for this section of Toms River? Do we want or need another convenience store? Do neighbors in this area miss not having 7-11 nearby? or does this high-traffic location need another type of business that would thrive along busy Fischer Blvd?

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This is obviously a pricey location it's located at the busy intersection of Bay Avenue and Fischer Blvd on the east side of Toms River. This was a former convenience store so whatever takes over will have to adapt from that type of business or do a renovation of the property, so this obviously is part of the equation when getting a good "fit" for this location.

Not living in this section of Toms River, I do not want to speculate as to what this neighborhood needs, but I think we would all agree....empty buildings are not an answer. Some may want open space and I agree, but this is not the spot, Cattus Island County Park is right across so you do have a great open space place, this needs a good business to move in, provide jobs and add to the neighborhood....question is what? we'd love to hear from you, post your comments below our photo gallery at the end of this article.....


Shawn Michaels



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