The Walking Dead's midseason premiere airs tonight at 9pm on AMC. Check inside for a *spoiler free* look at what makes the show so great!

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    The Undead

    The zombies look good. Really good. It's easy to forget this is a TV show and not a high budget movie, especially when they're missing body parts.

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    The Living

    This isn't a typical shoot 'em up zombie story, these are normal people just trying to survive. The group also has its fair share of eye candy for both guys and ladies to enjoy.

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    The Violence

    The characters aren't military trained or have an aresnal of weapons but that doesn't mean it's boring. Their is violence, and it can get graphic. Just ask the zombie who met the business end of a screwdriver.

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    The Unexpected

    Nobody is safe. Just like the comic book its based on, there are a lot of plot twists in the show. It isn't a matter of if a character will die, but when. Sometimes zombies aren't the biggest threat to survival...

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    The Story

    A typical zombie movies gets around 2 hours to tell a story and then it ends. So far, 27 episodes have aired with 8 more left this season. That's around 35 hours of zombie apocalypse excellence!

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