Soundgarden is back and better than ever with their latest release King Animal. This is the Soundgarden's first album in 16 years. The band is currently out on tour in support of their new album. They'll be making a stop in New Jersey on Friday May 3rd when they perform at the Event Center at the Borgata in Atlantic City. You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE. Make sure to listen to Andy Chase all week (4/22-4/26) for your shot to win tickets to see Soundgarden at the Borgata.

Soundgarden has had a long, storied career that started with their formation in 1984. But how well do you really know the band? We've partnered with the Borgata to bring you 5 fun facts about the band's history.

1. How did Soungarden get their name?

Soundgarden got their name from "A Sound Garden." "A Sound Garden" is a pipe sculpture that stands in Sand Point Park in Seattle. Sounds are produced in the garden when air blows through the pipes.


2. Which Soundgarden album came with a special limited-edition bonus cd?

The album was 'Badmotorfinger' and it came with the bonus cd 'S.O.M.M.S.' 'S.O.M.M.S.'  which stands for Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas and is palindrome sentence., which means its the same backwards and forwards. The cd included covers of the Devo song 'Girl U Want' and the Rolling Stones tune 'Stray Cat Blues' and other unreleased tracks.


3. Which famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member did Chris Cornell write 2 songs for?

Singer Chris Cornell wrote the songs 'Stolen Prayers' and 'Unholy War' that ended up on the 20th studio album entitled 'The Last Temptation' by the legendary Alice Cooper. The songs were originally given to Ozzy Osbourne, but when Ozzy didn't record them, Cornell gave them to Alice Cooper.


4. What was the name of Soundgarden's first full-length album?

The name of the album was 'Ultramega OK.' It was recorded on the SST label in 1988. 'Ultramega OK' was nominated for a Grammy and featured a cover of John Lennon's 'One Minute of Silence.'


5. Which other famous Grunge-era singer got his start with members of Soundgarden?

Pearl Jam's frontman Eddie Vedder got his first singing gig when he was invited to Seattle for recording sessions with the band Temple of the Dog, which Cornell started and asked to Vedder to join in. Vedder was sitting in on the session and just listening when Cornell was having difficulty working out his part of a vocal track for the song 'Hunger Strike.' Vedder jumps in and they record the song as a duet. It was Vedder's first lead vocal on a a record and soon after the sessions, Pearl Jam creates their debut album entitled 'Ten.'


What are you favorite facts or memories about the band Soundgarden? Keep the list going by commenting below. Remember to get your tickets now to catch Soundgarden at the Event Center at the Borgata in Atlantic City on May 3rd. You can also win your way in if you listen to Andy Chase all this week! (4/22 - 4/26)

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