Super Bowl XLVII is hours away, and while most of us will be enjoying the game, the commercials and the food, some viewers will be paying extra close attention to things like handshakes and hairstyles. Proposition bets are novelty wagers that don't affect the outcome of the game. Some are simple (Will the coin toss be heads or tails?), some are a little more complex (Who will win MVP?) and some are downright ridiculous (Will Alicia Keys be booed during or after her rendition of the National Anthem?). Seriously.

Below is a list of the 5 most outrageous prop bets I've seen for tonight's game.

A quick note for the non-gambler: "+200" or "2/1" means if you were to wager $100, you would win $200. "-200" is the opposite, so if you wagered $100, you'd only win $50.

FYI, it's 5/1 odds that Alicia Keys will be booed.

  • Which Brother Will Be Shown First?

    This one is pretty straightforward. Which coach will be shown first? With pair of brothers coaching against each other you have to like the odds of a split screen shot.

    Jim Harbaugh (+125)
    John Harbaugh (+125)
    Split screen shot of both (+175)

  • Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images
    Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

    How Long Will It Take Alicia Keys To Sing The National Anthem?

    There's a lot of buzz about Alicia Keys and the National Anthem. Other bets focus on whether she will omit or add words to the song, this one is just a simple over/under on how long it will take her to finish.

    Over 2 minutes 10 seconds (+140)
    Under 2 minutes 10 seconds (-180)

  • Christian Petersen, Getty Images
    Christian Petersen, Getty Images

    How Many Times Will The Game Be Referred To As The Harbaugh Bowl, Har Bowl, or Super Baugh During The Game?

    When the head coaches of the game happen to be brothers, you're going to hear Harbaugh a lot. If you wanted to bet on just their last name the over/under is 23 1/2. For this one the under/over is just 2 1/2, and knowing the media, I'd take the over.

    Over (-140)
    Under (EVEN)

  • Rob Carr, Getty Images
    Rob Carr, Getty Images

    How Long Will The Post Game Handshake/Hug Last Between Jim & John Harbaugh?

    Only one Harbaugh is walking out of New Orleans with a ring tonight. Will sibling rivalry win out over sportsmanship? 6 seconds is a long time, even for brothers, and either way there isn't much to be made on this one.

    Over 6 seconds (-120)
    Under 6 seconds (-120)

  • Ezra Shaw, Getty Images
    Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

    What Color Gatorade/Liquid Will Be Dumped On The Head Coach Of The Winning Team?

    Definitely my favorite on the list and proof that people can find ANYTHING to wager money on. Yellow is a safe bet and even money, but secretly I'm hoping for blue.

    Yellow (1/1)
    Clear/Water (11/4)
    Orange (15/4)
    Red (5/1)
    Blue (15/2)
    Green (10/1)

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