Baltimore Ravens

Ray Rice Indicted On More Serious Charge
Ravens (and former Rutgers) running back Ray Rice initially faced a charge of simple assault, but prosecutors presented a charge of aggravated assault to a grand jury, which returned an indictment. It's a substantial difference:
5 Bizarre Big Game Bets
Super Bowl XLVII is hours away, and while most of us will be enjoying the game, the commercials and the food, some viewers will be paying extra close attention to things like handshakes and hairstyles.
Who Will Win Superbowl XLVII?
Superbowl XLVII is set. It's going to be the San Francisco 49'ers vs the Baltimore Ravens Sunday February 3rd in New Orleans. Right now the 49'ers are 3 1/2 point favorites.

There are some interesting story lines to this year's Superbowl.