The zombie deer apocalypse started in Colorado in the 60s. It spread to New York and Pennsylvania, and wildlife officials fear NJ could be next.

So-called "zombie deer" are actually animals infected with Chronic Wasting Disease, which attacks the brain and leaves the animal emaciated and lethargic. CWD is related to mad-cow disease, and can affect elk and moose as well as deer.

Since last summer, over 7,000 animals were tested by the Department of Fish & Wildlife, and there were zero cases of CWD. Still, with animals testing positive in surrounding states, the worry is that there is no stopping the infection from spreading.

Don't worry, CWD cannot spread to humans, and there's no known connection to any other type of human neurological disorder. Officials still recommend not eating meat from sick animals, so having CWD in our state could really impact local hunters.

The state has ways for the general public, hunters, and even private deer owners to help prevent the spread of CWD.

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