So we are now in August and this past weekend we had cool temps and less humidity....almost "fall" like. It was a weekend that kinda whispered "hey autumn isn't that far away now". Our first chilly weekend this summer.  So with this weather, it got me thinking about why I am ready for autumn.

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To be completely transparent, I am a fan of spring and fall. These seasons are comfortable and you can enjoy indoors and outdoors during these two seasons. To me, summer and winter are both extreme and as I've gotten older I dislike extreme heat, so summer at times is a turnoff. Generally, I enjoy summer, but let's face it when it's 100 degrees with 100% humidity it's time to head to Maine lol.

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So with all this said, I decided to ask you "why are you ready for autumn?" I can't be the only person who's getting closer to being ready for fall. There can be many reasons for wanting autumn, right off the top of my head its heat and humidity .... lol I'm done with it let's chill, literally!

Here are a few things that YOU mentioned as to why you are ready for "fall" to get here.....

  • Carly: No more heat
  • Deb: The traffic will be a little bit better
  • Robin: Cool nights and sweatshirt weather
  • Sandra: Pumpkin Spice coffee
  • Liz: Because this summer sucked
  • Amanda: Smell of crisp fall air
  • Dana: Pumpkin everything!!
  • Laraine: Crisp cool air, NO BUG To BOTHER ME, everything pumpkin

Thanks everyone for your involvement with our topic, lotta "autumn" lovers :) for me it's the heat, I am usually done with heat by August :)


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