There is a tea that is apparently so wonderful a company claims it can prevent cancer. It is very expensive (36k a pound), but something with that much healing power is going carry a premium price. There is only one BIG problem. The tea is loaded with panda feces. That is terribly disgusting. Doctors claim that the feces carry nutrients from very healthy bamboo and helps push the anti-cancer agents. My question: why not just use the bamboo in the tea without the POOP? This is why I can't stand scientists. They should be working on a way to brew the bamboo, not dung! They are about to market a tea that is gross and people will still buy it. I know this because the word's most expensive coffee has cat feces in it & people are foolish enough to buy that.

This is how I know even with all the economic problems out there some people still have too much money. If I ever amass enough wealth to afford $36,000 tea I will drink some that doesn't have poop in it. In fact I will never spend $36,000 on tea no matter how much I make. My question is even if you believe the tea CAN prevent cancer would you feel comfortable drinking animal feces?

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