A five-month old puppy is in poor condition and is being given proper treatment after being found abandoned, left to sit in her own blood, feces and urine.

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The Associated Humane Societies issued a statement on Friday announcing that they are offering a $500 reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of whoever did this to "a sweet, defenseless puppy" and left her on a street in Newark on Thursday.

Animal Control in Newark got the call and responded to the Grafton Avenue apartment complex, spoke to witnesses at the scene after finding the puppy, per the AHS, and were told by a witness to the animal cruelty crime that she saw a car pull into the complex, she though the individual was getting rid of trash.

That's not what was left behind.

The witness said that when the driver left, she saw a puppy tied to the fence.

Eventually the puppy was rescued and brought to an AHS facility in Newark where, "staff were horrified at the sight of this poor young female dog. You can't look at her and not wonder what transpired in her young life to arrive in the sad, neglected, starved state that she's in."

AHS said that their veterinarian believe the puppy is about five months old and only weighs 10-pounds.

In addition to the deplorable condition she was found in, AHS said that an examination also discovered that this puppy was very dehydrated, "so fluids were immediately administered."

As if being found in your own blood, urine and feces wasn't horrifying enough, AHS found that this puppy had puncture wounds underneath scars on her body, "that were crusted over which are likely the result of bites from another animal, and her teeth are in poor condition for such a young dog."

She's not in great shape in any way, but AHS is encouraged by the pup's, now named 'Petunia', appetite of late.

"She is resting comfortably on many soft, clean blankets in one of our administrative offices. She is probably the happiest, safest, and most cared for that she's ever been, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that she has every chance at living a long, full, happy life in a wonderful home once she has recovered from the terrible treatment that she endured."

AHS said that if you have any information to contact their Newark facility at 973-824-7080 or email: newark@ahsppz.org.

5-month old puppy found in deplorable conditions

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