A woman was shocked to open Facebook and see a private message from Bruce Springsteen. After their chats turned flirty, he revealed that he was in process of divorcing longtime bandmate and wife Patti Scialfa; unfortunately that she-devil was locking his bank accounts, so he needed some cash to get through these trying times.

The woman sent him iTunes gift cards (clearly Springsteen's currency of choice) in increments of a few hundred dollars. It was then that Springsteen showed the woman a picture of a stash of gold bricks he had, laying in storage in Dubai. He needed $11,500 to ship the money back to the states, and she sent the money.

Bruce Springsteen Media Call
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You may want to sit down for this big reveal: it wasn't really Bruce Springsteen!

I know, crazy, right? Bruce Springsteen, happily married to Patti, with a net worth around $460 million, was not actually messaging some rando on Facebook asking for iTunes gift cards.


See that little blue checkmark on that first Bruce? That means Facebook has confirmed it to be real. There are dozens, nay hundreds, of other Bruce Springsteen accounts. If you get a message from any of them - it's not Bruce.

While that woman may have been blinded by the light, don't be the next to fall for some brilliant disguise. The fake Bruce isn't from your hometown, he may not have even been born in the USA. If you've still got a hungry heart, and you long for that human touch...crap I lost it. Mansion on the Hill!

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