You probably heard the story by now and seen the video, but over the weekend, Governor Christie got into a Cubs fan's face at a Milwaukee Brewers game after the fan told the Governor that he "sucked". Fun stuff right?

Unfortunately, there is no footage of the beginning of the confrontation and the video starts where you hear Governor Christie telling the guy he is a "Big Shot" before walking away. (Damn....I wish there was more footage of this)


After watching this video, I started wondering....What would you do if the Governor got in YOUR face like this?

As you see in the video, the guy just sat there, (probably in shock that this is happening), but would you just sit there and allow it to happen, or would you get right back in his face?

Be honest, this is the Governor after all who IS protected by the Secret Service. Or would that not matter? It's just "a guy" in your face.

Could you imagine if the guy stood up and told the Governor to get out of his face, OR went as far to even put his hands on Christie to move him away? That would have been unbelievable. do you think you would handle this situation? Please comment in the section below.

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