I consider New Jersey to be one of the top - if not THE top - states to get the best bagel.

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They are light and fluffy and made with love. And when you have fresh, crispy bacon on it? Forget about it...

A fresh bacon, egg and cheese can be just what the doctor ordered on a Saturday or Sunday morning!

And before we get started, THESE are what top-quality bagels look like. (Ya know, for reference) 


Well, a photo that has gone viral is -- well, how do I say this nicely -- severely lowering the standards of what a "good bagel" should taste like, or even look like.

I found these photos when looking on New Jersey's @NJGov Twitter Page and it goes against everything that the Garden State stands for.

@JT_szn_ was the unlucky soul to stumble upon this unfortunate breakfast blasphemy and you will never guess where he found them. 
More on this in a second, let's take a look first.
The first photo isn't great and it isn't awful. My expectations are automatically lowered by about two feet whenever I am handed a bagel in a plastic wrapper.
Screenshot of photo from @JT_szn_ on Twitter
Screenshot of photo from @JT_szn_ on Twitter
But it's doable, it's edible and if I am starving, it will just have to do.
For me, it is the second photo that had me thinking, "Oh heck no; that's a joke!"
Brace yourselves:
Screenshot of photo from @JT_szn_ on Twitter
Screenshot of photo from @JT_szn_ on Twitter

WHAT KIND OF BAGEL IS THAT!? Is that even a bagel? Or is it a piece of lame toast?

I don't know what that is but it is not a bagel according to New Jersey's terms.

A bagel should be light and puffy.

Ever heard of people who scoop their bagel?

While a lot of New Jerseyans hate the idea, it is when some of the bread in a bagel is scooped out to minimize the amount of carbs you are eating.

Hate it or love it, this is a technique for those who are trying to watch what they eat but still enjoy a high-quality, New Jersey bagel.

Well a real bagel must be thick enough for someone to scoop their bagel, otherwise it is not a real bagel. Ask any quality bagel shop about this one because when I first heard of this, I didn't believe it either.

It's just, my heart hurts as I write this.

And guess where this Twitter user found this abomination?

No....it was not found in New Jersey, thankfully.


HA HA HA HA!!! I am dying. You remember when New York has tried to say that they have the best pizza? Or the best bagels? Or the best this and the best that?

I think they just forfeited the 1st place prize for any and all food battles moving forward.

Clearly, I am not the only one who is taken a back by this discovery.

For once, the internet is indeed correct: this is NOT a bagel.

I get that some places are all about grab and go.

But so are a lot of New Jersey bagel joints and yet, maintaining high quality doesn't seem to be a problem for them!

This wouldn't be the first time New Jersey was ashamed of the bagel actions taken outside of the state.

You remember seeing this picture back in 2019? Who slices bagels like this?!

Even three years later, looking at this photo still hurts.

New Jersey is king in a lot of topics, and now we can add bagels to the list.

Looking to enjoy a bagel that is actually a bagel?

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