Yup....Temperatures will only be in the mid to low 30's for the HIGH! You will definitely need to bundle up!

Now memories of the Seaside Heights St. Patrick's Day parade in the past are a bit fuzzy (you could understand why), but I don't remember parade day being this cold. Temps usually start cold in the morning but usually wind up being in the 40's/50's as the day goes on.

Regardless of the weather, it will still be a great day! It will take a little more than cold temperatures to keep people away. Crowds might be a little smaller than year's past, but I'm sure there still will be plenty of people watching the parade, and hanging out in the bars as normal. As always...It will be a lot of fun

Give yourself extra time getting over the Seaside bridge Saturday morning. The Matthis bridge (the small one) is still closed due to the Winter construction, so traffic is diverted to the Tunney bridge, so there will only be  ONE lane going eastbound into Seaside Heights.

The parade kicks off at noon. The Hawk will be in the parade. Look for the Hawk van, and look for Varacchi cruising the parade route in a Jeep Wrangler.

I'm curious....Being that it's going to be so cold, will Varacchi be brave enough to wear the kilt this year???

And of course.....Don't forget about the post parade party happening at Bum Rogers Crabhouse in Seaside Park from 4p-6p. Join ME and the Hawk Flight Crew as the fun continues with live music, Coors Light specials, and we'll have free giveaways EVERY 15 minutes!!! Bum Rogers is always a great time!! Woo Woo!!!

We will see you on Saturday!!

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