Dan Zarrow

Polar Vortex Coming To Kick Off April!!
That's right,  you read that correctly. Cold air will be pushing down from Canada. HOWEVER.... It won't put us in a deep freeze. We will definitely feel the effects with below normal temps this time of year as a Polar Vortex pays us a visit this weekend. We're going to have to de…
Spring Like Weather is Coming!!
Just because I'm not a professional meteorologist, doesn't mean I can't get excited about the weather and share it with you. But warm weather is on the way next week
I'm sure our weather guy, Dan Zarrow won't mind anyway. I'm just helping him out.
Awesome Andy Chase Radio Mess Up [AUDIO]
It really is shocking that this doesn't happen to me more often..... Thankfully it does not.
But sometimes, the mouth just stops working. The words are there, but they just come out wrong, OR they don't come out at all!!