In September this young beachgoer finds plenty of space to patrol.
In September this young beachgoer finds plenty of space to patrol.

If you did a survey of Ocean County residents and asked them what their favorite month of the year is I would be pretty confident the most popular answer would be September.  Or it could be October.  It’s definitely not January.

As we say goodbye to September there is no doubt that at the Jersey Shore it is the best month of the year.  The summer crowds are gone for the most part, the beach is magnificent, temperatures begin dropping, football season starts and the transition to fall takes place.  It truly is a great time of year.

However I came across a ranking done in 2021 which proclaimed that October was the favorite especially when you compared the difference between people who liked it versus those who claimed it was their last favorite.  In this survey September was only fifth with May, June and July all ahead.  Again I doubt that would be the case if a survey was done here because summer crowds drive many locals crazy and they truly welcome September.

As you might imagine the months that ranked at the bottom were January, February and surprisingly August.

One thing is certain and that is today is the last day of September and for the most part it has been a beautiful month.  Not too hot during the day, cool and comfortable at night and very little rain makes for an ideal combination.

October can be nice as well but by the end of the month we will certainly get days which are chilly if not cold.  Jackets will be worn on a regular basis, heat will go on in homes and cars and darkness will shorten days dramatically. Worse than October is what follows shortly after…winter.

New York Mets v Chicago Cubs
If the Mets or Yankees play well into October this might be how players deal with cold weather
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