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Once again I was out and about here in Ocean County and this time in Waretown. I noticed the empty lot where the former Wawa stood. After doing a little investigating I found out the Wawa was removed after structural damage to the building occurred and the corporation decided not to repair, but to remove and demolish the location (2019). This was after about 26 years in service there in Waretown.


Shawn Michaels


I remember going to that Wawa when we would hike the Barnegat Branch Trail in that section of Waretown. We would usually finish the walk there with a coffee. Always a convenient location and it’s missed by residents there in the Waretown area. We visited that location numerous times as we got our steps in on the Barnegat Branch Trail.

So now the question is what is best for this spot right on Route 9 in Waretown? Probably some are saying ya how about our Wawa back, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. It is a convenient location because it’s right there on Route 9 which is a heavily traveled road.

Maybe someone has heard rumors of what might be looking to move onto this sight, but I have no concrete leads. So maybe we can wish and speculate what might become of this Waretown property.....leave your comments as we open this up for discussion.


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