I bet you didn't even realize that it is time to do that already!

Yup...It is!! And that's why we are here....To help you with the little things, so you can go on with your life as stress-free as possible. We got your back!

So here's the deal...Before you go to bed this Saturday night, make sure you set your clocks one hour AHEAD. (Remember...SPRING forward...FALL back)

I know, I know....we lose an hour sleep, but it is SO worth it...The sun stays out longer!! Just another sign Spring/Summer is right around the corner.

Daylight savings time automatically begins at 2a Sunday morning. Your cable box, and cell phone should change automatically, but you will have to adjust your alarm clock, microwave, and wrist watches manually.

And it's not the end of the world if you forget, you'll just be a little confused for a bit, but you'll figure it out!!!


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