Oh No! They're Back!
Yes they are very cute and yes they are very small and defenseless, but Chip & Dale along with their cousins Alvin, Simon and Theodore are a handful around the house, especially if you have a backyard garden. Or as they like to call it a “food forest”.
COVID BABY BOOM: Most Popular Baby Names In New Jersey
Well now we know what you were doing during COVID! We have more BABIES than ever! Babies are my weakness by the way...fun fact: I will volunteer to watch anyone's baby that needs it just to get my baby fix! The photo above is when I brought my daughter Bella home from the hospital and I don&a…
Spring Has Sprung in Ocean County, NJ
Ahhh, another year of saying 'we made it'. Today is the day I feel like Rocky Balboa on top of the steps at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Jumping up and down in pure joy, knowing we made it through another winter in the north east.
Check Out This Incredible Tulip Farm in Cream Ridge
If you have some free time between now and April 28th, and you're looking for something fun and different to do, you have to get over to Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, New Jersey and check out all the tulips that are now in bloom.
There are over 200 types of tulips and are open every day fr…

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