Ahhh, another year of saying 'we made it'. Today is the day I feel like Rocky Balboa on top of the steps at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Jumping up and down in pure joy, knowing we made it through another winter in the north east. Technically, NJ, especially those of us by the coast, seem to get by unscathed through the winter with very little snow, thanks to the wonderful Atlantic Ocean. I know there are plenty of people that love snow, and I like it, but with it comes cold temperatures and to me, that just doesn't sit well. I like warm air, being able to walk outside without being bundled up like I'm in the north pole. And yes, some say a 30 degree day is perfect and beautiful, no jacket needed weather...and I commend you.

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My friend Shari on Seaside Boardwalk with our dogs, her doodles, Brady and Buddy and my Shepherd, Rocky

But, to those who love the cold, I ask you, do you agree that you see more smiling faces on a summer day? Walk down the street, the boardwalk, the beach...everyone is in a good mood, everyone says hello! Last week I was on Seaside boardwalk for the St. Patrick's Day flag raising in place of the parade...it was a cool day, but it was sunny. People were so happy to be out and enjoying the weather. Pretty soon the boards will be packed with smiles...hardly any young children you see are crying, everyone is just happy! St. Patrick's day events are still going on thru the end of March, then Easter is right around the corner, and some of the rides start opening in Point Pleasant and Seaside, so just hold on a little more my warm weather loving friends, soon enough!!!

Jenni XOXO